Metronome Review

Drew Ambrose
“Soul Shine”

Singer-songwriter Drew Ambrose displays a penchant for catchy, hook laden songs on his recent album Soul Shine. His smoky vocals are emotional and gratifying as the songs blossom into elaborate arrangements featuring multi layered backing vocals and sublime musical embellishments. Ambrose isn’t alone on this effort though, as the musical team of Linda Chase and Dave Currier (Linda’s League, Three Speed, MCA) have added their considerable chops and experience to this amalgamation of R&B, soul and easy listening rock. Guitarist Bobby Keyes (who also engineered) and bassist Sean Hurley and Roosevelt Tubbs also lend their talents to this outstanding album. Highlights include the powerful “What Would You Do,” the uplifting “Turnin’ On,” and the introspective “Only A Matter of Pride.”

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