Drew Ambrose began his musical career in 1990.  Within a year or so he started singing in order to entertain people.  Then the passion for singing became his primary focus and the guitar became more of an accompaniment.

He then went onto perform most notably in a cover band called The Core.  They were primarily a classic rock band playing Chicago, Doobie Bros., Clapton, Allman Bros, Hendrix, SRV, as well as some Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots.  Drew has done both the acoustic duo type shows as well as working with a seven piece band.  He infuses his playing with heart and soul which tap into his diverse musical influences.  Influenced primarily by R&B, Pop, Alternative, Techno and Hip-Hop, there is a vast knowledge of genres from which he hones his own creativity and talent.

Life experience is the biggest influence on his writing, as well as the nature of human emotions and the impact they have.  In Drew’s words, “A song has to make me feel something or its not my thing.  So I strive to achieve the same result with the music I write.  I want the listener to feel something emotionally, just like I do when I hear a great song.”

SoulShine is a collection of songs written by Drew Ambrose, Linda Chase and Dave Currier. For recent photo gallery of Drew performing live please visit his gallery page.

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